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Les Antiquaires du Cognac


Les Antiquaires du Cognac


Les Antiquaires du Cognac


"In 1907 my grandfather, Maurice, the vineyard owner whose first name I proudly bear, won an award at the Bordeaux International Maritime Exhibition for the superiority of his eaux de vie.

Building on that unique ancestral know-how in selecting and ageing eaux de vie, my father, René, developed the distilling activity, increasing the number of stills from four in 1929 to five in 1950.

This recognised distillation expertise allowed me to increase the number of stills to 10 in 1980 and 14 in 1989. In a century of activity, we have distilled, aged and acquired from our special vintners fabulous eaux de vie... an incredible legacy.

To share these treasures, in 1986 we decided, with four passionate friends, to create LES ANTIQUAIRES DU COGNAC and offer rare cognacs over 40 years old. Each is made from a single cru, in tribute to the fabulous terroir of Cognac.

The time has come for me to pass this outstanding legacy on to the fourth generation. My son Eric Pinard is continuing the distillation activity and I have chosen my nephew, David Meil, to lead the destiny of LES ANTIQUAIRES DU COGNAC."

Maurice PINARD

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