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Down Home Brewing Co.


Down Home Brewing Co.

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Down Home Brewing Co.

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Down Home Brewing Company is not just another craft brewery. We are an experience; to live and enjoy what life has to offer. We are versatile, diverse, innovative, and simply – not just your average brew. We offer an array of experiences personalized to fit your needs. We produce a high quality brew that invokes your inner most sense of adventure. Our brews will captivate your needs, compliment your palate, and fuel your persona. Not only do we aim to be your brew of choice, but we aim to be a part of your lives.

We are enthuasits of all walks of life. For example motorsports, obstacle races, cycling, the fashion industry, the entertainment industry, artistry, the culinary arts, and etc. We are a culture and lifestyle.


Family-owned and operated; Down Home Brewing Company, founder and brewer, Chris Reeves creates brews with the goal of having the right brew for you. Whether you are new to beers or are a beer aficionado, looking at beers like the rungs on a ladder, we've created a selection of beers that increase in complexity and flavor as you go up the ladder. So come on home and have a brew with us.

A home brewer since 2010, Chris Reeves has been testing his craft and getting feedback from his friends, family, and friends of friends. Down Home Brewing is bringing great brews to your neighborhood watering hole, a craft beer shop, and your kitchen table soon.

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