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Uncle Val's


Uncle Val's


Uncle Val's


Uncle Val’s is a small-batch botanical gin inspired by
Zio Valerio’s love of gardening and native tuscan cuisine. The botanicals are not only Uncle Val’s favorite cooking ingredients, but also happen to make an exceptionally unique and smoothly delicious gin.

the botanicalsjuniper: the quintessential gin ingredient, juniper adds
a dash of that distinctive “gin” taste to Uncle Val’s.

cucumber: adds a cooling effect to the taste, along with subtle freshness cues.

lemon: the citrus zing provides balance amongst the botanicals, along with the added benefit of crispness.

sage: derived from the phrase “to be saved,” sage has been held in high regard throughout history both for it’s culinary and medicinal properties. Helps make you feel more alert, calm
and contented, with the effects lasting.

lavender: historically used for its calming effect,
it reduces stress, aids in sleep.

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