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Kirk and Sweeney


Kirk and Sweeney


Kirk and Sweeney


KIRK AND SWEENEY was a wooden schooner,
best known for smuggling rum from the
Caribbean to the Northeast during
the early years of Prohibition. In 1924,
it was seized off the coast of New York
with a massive amount of rum aboard.
The schooner was subsequently re-
named “Chase” and pressed into duty
as a Coast Guard trainer, serving until
the late 1940’s when it was retired
and salvaged.

Aroma:  This deep mahogany colored rum presents
a sweet aroma balanced heavily toward cane
honey, with earthy sugar cane undertones,
along with a hint of vanilla, luscious toasted
oak, caramel and dried fruits.

Taste:  Initial taste reveals a nectar-sweet quality,
leading to a weightier body that indicates sub-
stantially aged rum that’s serious in character but
not overbearing. Light notes of vanilla and wood
hit the palate transforming into an incredibly
smooth offering.

Finish:  Bold, ripe, and sweet vanilla flavors evolve near the end,
providing a smooth, long and luxurious finish.

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